Apache Health Delivers Results

The best medical billing company maximizes your collections, minimizes your outstanding claims, and optimizes your cash flow consistency. Integrated systems and processes are keys to success in medical billing.

Most labor-intensive tasks can be systematized, resulting in greater performance, fewer errors and improved profitability for our clients. Improved financial results translate into a higher net collection rate, increased revenue per encounter for non-contracted payers, and reduced accounts receivable.

Apache Health achieves extraordinary results as a medical billing company through:

Proactive Approach

Apache Health invests more resources and effort early in the medical billing cycle to save significantly more work on the back end. Since many other medical billing companies will not follow up on your difficult AR, there is little incentive for them to proactively prevent problems. Our objective is to catch issues with claims as early as possible to ensure you get paid quickly and correctly and avoid wasting precious AR resources on the back end. All data is processed immediately to catch documentation or other issues the moment they arise. Wherever possible, we utilize electronic communication with providers to obtain missing information and documentation, and to resolve questions. Incorrect coding can result in a loss of compliant reimbursement, or significant denials and delays in payment. Apache Health employs experienced certified coders on the front end to prevent problems on the back end, resulting in faster payment and increased revenue.

Claim scrubbing

We have several levels of code checking, starting with the certified coder who reviews the medical record and provides the initial CPT and ICD-9 codes. Our medical billing system then employs cutting-edge claim scrubbing technology, highlighting any errors or omissions to be addressed before submission. Finally, our clearinghouse performs a final check of the entire claim prior to sending it on for reimbursement. Through this three-tier claim-checking process, Apache Health's medical billing service ensures that virtually all claims go through error-free the first time, delivering optimal results on the back end.

AR and Denials Management

Apache Health has one of the highest levels of automation of any medical billing company, using a business rules engine with automated triggers to alert us if a claim hasn't been paid in a pre-set number of days specific to each payer. We analyze, track, and resubmit or appeal denied claims. We also have a built-in feedback loop to help us reduce future denials. Apache employs an impressive contract compliance module to ensure you receive the payment you deserve. We utilize electronic communication for checking claims status with payers. Apache Health also invests more heavily in staffing to overcome issues and collect your money.

Payment Automation

Apache Health sets up electronic submission and EOBs (ERAs) for all of our clients. Apache offers payer bank direct deposit (EFT), check processing (scanning and EFT), automated electronic bank withdrawal (ACH), and patient credit card processing to streamline the payment process and reduce AR days. These processes eliminate a significant amount of labor for our clients in processing patient credit card payments, copying, sending, and archiving records, as well as unnecessary trips to the bank. They also eliminate the wasted AR days while checks are waiting to be deposited ("desktop float"). Apache can even set up automated monthly payment plans for patients with a bank account or credit card.

At Apache Health we don't make promises, we deliver results - and with Apache Health's Business Intelligence we demonstrate those results. As a result of these capabilities, Apache Health can outperform other medical billing companies in financial results. Contact Us today to learn more about what we can achieve for you.