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Apache Health achieves extraordinary results

We’re aware that this is a crowded field and that you can choose among many service providers in this industry. That’s why, in addition to offering a comprehensive scope of services and a commitment to tangibly improved financial results, we also come to the market with a distinctive mindset. We see our solution as an investment designed to deliver a higher ROI. And with that objective, it’s essential that we don’t talk about results, but rather that we demonstrate them conclusively.

You’ll see results that demonstrate our commitment to going the distance for you as your collections partner. For us, the goal isn’t just harvesting the low-hanging fruit. Our industry knowledge, experience, and work philosophy all drive us to resolve your biggest challenges. That’s what sets us apart—and that’s the foundation of the relationships that enable us to achieve our customer relationship goals. Here’s how we quantify the value we deliver.

Improved Profitability

our partnership supports your ability to earn

What motivates us? Simply stated, we want you to make more money. And equally important, we want our relationship with you to be based on trust and confidence that our partnership supports your ability to earn as much as you can.

And you won’t have to take our word for it. Just as you value peer reviews and verification of findings in new medical research, we’ll supply the data validation you need to be sure you’re on the best financial course.

While we take this approach in service of optimizing your collections, we actually see ourselves as responsible for an even greater goal. Ultimately, our objective is to equip you with the tools, resources, and information you need to run your business effectively and profitably. So while our day-to-day activities are carried out in relation to your billing, our true role is to support your business’ ability to thrive.

Quantifiable Results and Transparency

eliminate surprises that can throw you off course

You often know qualitatively when your collections are underperforming. The claim that still hasn’t been submitted after six months is one example of a familiar red flag. But you don’t have the expertise or the time to convert those individual, anecdotal incidents into metrics you can use to produce meaningful, actionable data.

The methodology we use to quantify our performance will produce data that shows you:

  • How much money you’re making.
  • Which components of your system are generating losses.
  • Where there are opportunities to institute improvements that lead to greater profitability.

We’ve designed our system so that optimizing our metrics correlates directly to optimizing your income. And your dedicated members on our team can work with you to track data and quantify your practice’s financial performance.

That transparency will also give you the information you need to assess how well we’re serving your needs. That’s why we’re so focused on metrics: they give you a credible benchmark of how good we’ll be at meeting your expectations. By working in partnership with us, you eliminate surprises that can throw you off course and have time to anticipate and address changes before they become problems.

In that sense, we’re in the answers business. We live and breathe data analytics because that approach equips us to be ready to respond to your questions with credible, data-backed answers. Because you can see and verify granular level data, you can be confident in its accuracy and reliability. And our commitment to transparency empowers you to monitor our results and remain confident that we consistently stay on top of our game and promote your best interests

Growth Planning

Optimized Capacity for Growth Planning

All this methodology, data collection, and analysis matters because without it, you can’t get an accurate and current picture of how well your business is performing. And without that, you’re not well positioned to establish, pursue, and achieve growth targets for your medical practice, hospital, or lab.

That’s why we immerse ourselves not only in the data, but in what it means to your future. As your partners, we’ll work with you to understand what the numbers signify. You can count on use for collaboration in identifying problems and opportunities as well as strategizing on solutions. The technology and thinking we bring to our work are intended, above all, to contribute to your ability to create a long-term cash flow game plan. We judge our own success by our ability to contribute to yours, and our goal is to deliver that value over the course of a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

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