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DYI Nut Milks, Nut Butters, More: From Almonds to Walnuts - Melissa King

"An essential resource."--Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry Your all-in-one guide to making creamy milks, velvety butters, and satisfying treats from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and more! DIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters & More brings nut power to the people with more than 50 recipes for homemade nut milks and
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Breasts - Kristi Funk

A revolutionary and definitive new approach to preventing breast cancer, from Board-certified world authority on breast health Dr. Kristi Funk, co-founder of the renowned Pink Lotus Breast Centre, and surgeon to Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow. Breasts: An Owner's Manual is a straight-talking, myth and
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The 28-Day Gut Health Plan - Jacqueline Whitehart

Get Gut Healthy, Eat Well, Eat Different Many modern Brits are struggling not only with their weight but also with a sensitive gut. Food intolerances and digestive problems are on the rise. The 28 Day Gut Health Plan is an innovative book explaining how our modern diet and reliance on processed foods has decimated the
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Why Am I Sick? - Richard Flook

Have you ever asked, 'Why am I sick?' and found that your doctor can't give you a satisfying answer? Western medicine can rarely answer this question - just look at any medical dictionary, and for 99 per cent of diseases listed, the cause is not known. The question is, how can you cure a disease - permanently - if you
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With the End in Mind - Kathryn Mannix

In this unprecedented book, palliative medicine pioneer Dr Kathryn Mannix explores the biggest taboo in our society and the only certainty we all share: death `Impossible to read with dry eyes or an unaltered mindset' Sunday Times A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER & BOOK OF THE YEAR SHORTLISTED FOR THE WELLCOME BOOK PRIZE
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Fragile Lives - Stephen Westaby

SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA BIOGRAPHY PRIZE THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.2 BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE BMA PRESIDENT'S AWARD 2017 An incredible memoir from one of the world's most eminent heart surgeons, recalling some of the most remarkable and poignant cases he's worked on. Grim Reaper sits on the heart surgeon's shoulder. A slip
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Fast Asleep, Wide Awake - Nerina Ramlakhan

A powerful methodology to help you switch on your body's innate ability to sleep well and how to build extraordinary energy. Sleep problems aren't created when you put your head on the pillow. Everything you do during the day - every thought, every behaviour, every choice you make - can impact on how you sleep at
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The Conversation Train - Joel Shaul

This inventive colour picture book uses the metaphor of a train to teach basic conventions of conversation to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Engines are like greetings; they get the train going. Freight wagons are like different speakers' turns; it is good to have at least a few when you are in
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Cornea, 2-Volume Set - Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland

Highly praised in its first three editions, Cornea has become a market-leading cornerstone text and the immediate go-to resource for anyone working in this hugely popular and evolving sub-specialty. Offered over two volumes and featuring the knowledge of over 200 experts worldwide, it presents state-of-the-art