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Misconceptions - Naomi Wolf

Every year, millions of women have their lives turned inside out by the experience of pregnancy. A contemporary woman find herself caught in an absurd paradox: while in the grip of one of the most primal, lonely, sensual and, in some ways, psychologically debilitating and physically dangerous experiences, she is
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The Art of Being - Erich Fromm

How can we realize and actualize love, reason, and meaningful, productive work? Fromm here offers an Art of Well-Being, a way of living based on authentic self-awareness that comes only through honest self-analysis. He warns of the pitfalls of our attaining enlightenment without effort, or believing that life can be
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Footnotes - Vybarr Cregan-Reid

Running is not just a sport. It reconnects us to our bodies and the places in which we live, breaking down our increasingly structured and demanding lives. It allows us to feel the world beneath our feet, lifts the spirit, allows our minds out to play and helps us to slip away from the demands of the modern world.
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Eat to Live Cookbook - Dr Joel Fuhrman

Do you want to eat delicious food that allows you to lose weight and keep it off permanently without hunger or deprivation? Do you want to throw away your medications and recover from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes? Do you want to maintain your good health, live longer, and enjoy
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The Second Half of Your Life - Jill Shaw Ruddock

NEW EDITION - COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED WITH NEW CHAPTERS ADDED. The Second Half of Your Life is a groundbreaking book which offers advice and answers to women in the second half of their life. Using the hormonal changes that occur around menopause as a springboard to transition from a woman's reproductive years
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Mindful Hypnobirthing - Sophie Fletcher

Hypnotherapist and experienced doula Sophie Fletcher shares with you the secrets to having a safe, natural and positive birth. Using a powerful combination of mindfulness, hypnosis and relaxation techniques, Sophie will ensure you feel genuinely excited and completely prepared for birth. With stories from women who
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Mindful Discipline - Shauna L. Shapiro, Chris White

Kids need both love and limits in order to thrive. In Mindful Discipline, internationally recognized mindfulness expert Shauna L. Shapiro and pediatrician Chris White offer parents simple yet powerful tools for raising mindful, respectful, and responsible children, and redefines discipline itself as a loving,
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Reverse Your Diabetes Diet - Dr. David Cavan

What if you could not only manage your diabetes, but actually reverse it? The Reverse Your Diabetes Diet takes a fresh approach to managing type 2 diabetes. Based on the latest research, this book will provide you with the information you need to modify your diet and achieve stable control of blood glucose levels.