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Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine - Suzanne Kurtz, Jonathan Silverman, Juliet Draper, Jan Van Dalen

This book and its companion, Skills for Communicating with Patients, Second Edition, provide a comprehensive approach to improving communication in medicine. Fully updated and revised, and greatly expanded, this new edition examines how to construct a skills curricular at all levels of medical education and across
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Eyes Without Sparkle - Elaine Hanzak

One day you will feel better... Eyes without Sparkle is a powerful medical autobiography describing the journey followed by the author into, through, and out of puerperal psychosis, the most severe form of postnatal depression. With vivid and intimate descriptions of events and the author's feelings, this is the only
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Taming The Black Dog - Patrick Ellverton

This self help manual is for those for whom depression arises from the impact of exceptional circumstances such as childbirth and menopause, commercial and professional failure, accident, grief, divorce or debt as well as for those more permanent owners of the Black Dog. Contents: 1. Preface; 2. Your first step; 3.
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Phantoms in the Brain - V. S. Ramachandran, Sandra Blakeslee, Oliver Sacks

`Phantoms in The Brain' takes a revolutionary new approach to theories of the brain, from one of the world's leading experimental neurologists. `Phantoms in The Brain', using a series of case histories, introduces strange and unexplored mental worlds. Ramachandran, through his research into brain damage, has
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The Little Book of Sleep - Nerina Ramlakhan

The Little Book of Sleep is a beautifully colour-illustrated guide to achieving deep, natural, clean sleep. Sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains why a good night's sleep is essential in today's demanding, 24/7, technology-driven world, introduces us to the science of sleep and teaches us that the secret of good
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Pocket Medicine - Marc S. Sabatine

Quick access to key clinical information and solutions to common problems in internal medicine - as close as your pocket! Pocket Medicine, Sixth Edition , is your go-to resource for fast answers to diagnostic questions you'll face on rounds and exams. Prepared by residents and attending physicians at Massachusetts
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Health Policy - Gill Walt

Providing an introduction to the way health policies are made and who influences them, this book combines a comparative analytical framework for understanding health policy with a wide range of examples of actual policy choices from North and South. In its exploration of power, the book focuses on the role of the
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Emotional Healing and Self-Esteem - Mark Pearson

Not available from JKP in Australia or New Zealand How can we build children's self-esteem and sense of well being? This book aims to guide teachers, youth workers, counsellors and parents through a range of accessible personal development exercises for children and adolescents, introducing relaxation, visualisation
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How He Gets into Her Head - Don Hennessy

Presenting some ground-breaking ideas, this book prompts a radical reappraisal of how we think about and understand male intimate abuse and violence. Over the last fifty years an array of resources and interventions have been brought to bear on domestic violence and abuse between intimate partners. Yet intimate abuse