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Skeletal System Paper Poster - Scientific Publishing

The Skeletal System chart displays complete front and rear views of the human skeleton. Other illustrations include the bones of the ear, the vertebral column and bone structure. Heavy cover stock with protective varnish for durability.
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101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis - Dabney Ewin

"Always read the little book" Dr Dunlap rolled a small library of about 30 books into his medical class and told them it was a monumental compilation of everything that was known about diabetes, published in 1920, before the discovery of insulin. He then held up a book of about 200 pages and said "this was published
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The Little Book of Energy Medicine - Donna Eden, Dondi Dahlin

Do you wish you had more energy to do the things you love? You can be in greater control of your health right now! In The Little Book of Energy Medicine, Donna Eden provides simple, easy exercises to enhance the balance, flow and harmony of your body's energy system. This practical handbook is based on Donna's 35
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Anatomy Flash Cards - Scientific Publishing

Now available in a portable edition, this series of 50 flash cards explores the essential concepts of human anatomy. The 4" x 6" cards are organized into 11 systems and are color coded for easy reference. The structures are beautifully illustrated in exceptional detail, with areas for self study notes on the back.
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The Canine Kingdom of Scent - Anne Lill Kvam

Help give your dog the key to the kingdom of scent! Your dog truly rules when it comes to scenting ability, but you hold the key to allow him to learn how to more fully explore his kingdom. And that key is your willingness to work with him in what dog trainers call nosework exercises and games. While your dog has a
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Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet - Steve Brown

A well-researched, easy to follow system of feeding your dog with readily available, quality "commercial" dog food along with carefully selected "add-ons." Also excellent for those who feed their dog a homemade diet and need to balance nutrients precisely for health.
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Textbook of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage - Ingrid Kurz

A special knowledge of lymphology and blood capillary physiology is necessary in order to explain the action of Manual Lymph Drainage. While volume 1 deals primarily with the practice of MLD, here we find the theoretical basis scientifically and thoroughly explained by a medical doctor and experienced practitioner of
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Psychodynamic Psychiatry in Clinical Practice - Glen O. Gabbard

It is difficult to improve on a classic, but the fifth edition of Psychodynamic Psychiatry in Clinical Practice does just that, offering the updates readers expect with a deft reorganization that integrates DSM-5 (R) with the author's emphasis on psychodynamic thinking. The individual patient is never sacrificed to
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Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot

Now a major motion picture from HBO® starring Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne. Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells—taken without her knowledge—became one of the most important tools in