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Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) - Eva A. Mendes, Stephen M. Shore

Proven counseling strategies that will help improve the relationships of married, long-term or co-habiting couples with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder). ASD relationship expert Eva A. Mendes provides advice straight from the couples' counselling room that can be applied in day-to-day living and help
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The Autism Discussion Page on the core challenges of autism - Bill Nason

The Autism Discussion Page blue book focuses on the core challenges associated with autism (cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional) and provides concise, accessible information and simple tools for supporting children with these vulnerabilities. Based on posts on the popular online community page and organised by
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Do Statins Work? - Ben Goldacre

A campaigning handbook, a thrilling work of popular science, and a call to arms for doctors, researchers and patients from Britain's finest writer on the science behind medicine. Statins are the single most commonly prescribed class of drugs in the whole of the developed world. They're taken by over 100 million
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Simple Low-Cost Games and Activities for Sensorimotor Learning - Lisa A. Kurtz

This practical sourcebook is packed full of fun, low-cost games and activities that encourage the development of motor skills, coordination and sensory tolerance in young children. Using materials that are readily-available in most households or that can be purchased or homemade at a very low cost, these games and
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The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice - Margaret Thorsborne, Vernon C. Kelly, William Hansberry, Sian Williams, John Bruce Lennox, Graeme George, Lauren Abramson, Katy Hutchison, Anne Burton, Bill Curry

How and why does restorative practice (RP) work? This book presents the biological theory, affect script psychology (ASP), behind RP, and shows how it works in practice in different settings. ASP explains how the central nervous system triggers 'affects' which are the basis of all human motivation and emotion. The
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Teen Anxiety - Raychelle Cassada Lohmann

Today's teens are faced with all sorts of decisions, dilemmas and difficulties, from exam worries to friendship and relationship problems. The result is that anxiety is an increasingly common problem, and professionals need practical ways of helping these anxious teens. Teen Anxiety is a practical manual to use with
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Loving Someone with OCD - Karen J. Landsman

People who suffer from mental illness rarely do so alone. Their families and loved ones face their own set of unique challenges - problems that deserve their own resources and sources of support. This is the first book written specifically for the loved ones of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It helps
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Raising Self-Esteem in Adults - Susan I. Buchalter

Self-esteem is the building block of therapy and wellness and is crucial in overcoming depression and anxiety and in leading a fulfilling, functional life. Filled with hundreds of practical activities to help clients build their self-esteem as they become increasingly mindful and self-aware, this book contains a rich
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Internal Family Systems Therapy - Richard C. Schwartz

Most theorists who have explored the human psyche have viewed it as inhabited by subpersonalities. Beginning with Freud's description of the id, ego, and superego, these inner entities have been given a variety of names, including internal objects, ego states, archetypes and complexes, subselves, inner voices, and