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Pharmako/Gnosis - Dale Pendell

***This paperback edition has a new introduction by the author and updated content. This is the third and final volume of North Atlantic Books' updated paperback edition of Dale Pendell's Pharmako trilogy, an encyclopedic study of the history and uses of psychoactive plants and related synthetics first published
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Weiss's Herbal Medicine - R. F. Weiss

The "bible" of medical herbalism--now back in its classic edition! The classic edition is back! First published in 1988, Weiss's Herbal Medicine is revered by herbalists and medical professionals alike as the seminal work in the field of phytotherapy. This book has established itself as an indispensable resource and
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Tackling Mental Illness Together - Alan Thomas

A biblical framework for understanding mental illness and helping the mentally ill. Synthesises the relevant biblical material with our scientific understanding of mental illness. Equips the reader to deal wisely, intelligently and compassionately with issues of mental health in churches and the community. Helps us
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Ultrasound Teaching Manual - Matthias Hofer, MEDIDAK Publishing GmbH

A step-by-step approach to achieving perfection in diagnostic ultrasound This workbook offers structured, course-like learning, and just like an instructor in an ultrasound course, it guides you systematically through the individual organ systems. The accompanying videos demonstrate basic anatomy for ultrasound,
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Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases - George Laskaris

367 vivid color photographs! Based on the best-selling hardcover edition, the new edition of the Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases provides complete information on the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease. Featuring 367 vivid color photographs, this Thieme Flexibook is the indispensable pocket reference for
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She Comes First - Ian Kerner

She Comes First, by Ian Kerner, is a witty, well-researched and revealing guide to bringing a woman to orgasm every time through cunnilingus. Oral sex has long been regarded as foreplay, a mere prelude to intercourse; now, Ian Kerner ushers in a new sexual era where it can be the focus of sexual "coreplay". She Comes
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The UKCAT Study Guide - Michael O Carter

Updated for the 2019 exam for 2020 entry. Which of these problems relate to you? ⚠ Not sure where to start with UCAT revision? ⚠ Practising loads of UCAT questions and seeing zero/little improvement? ⚠ Struggling to improve accuracy in each subtest? ⚠ Struggling with pacing or finishing each subtest on time? These are