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Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners - Vaidya Atreya Smith

Anatomy and physiology in Ayurveda are based on the body's function rather than structure. Eventually both are of equal importance. Nevertheless, this fundamental difference is primary in understanding the logic of Ayurvedic medicine as a whole. This textbook is written for the Western student of Ayurveda who lacks
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Homeopathy For Cat - H.G. Wolff

Written for both the cat lover, as well as veterinarians, breeders, and show exhibitors who deal professionally with felines, Homeopathy for Your Cat offers detailed, authoritative information on a wide variety of homeopathic treatments available for common cat ailments. Written in an engaging, empathetic style by a
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Care of People with Diabetes - Trisha Dunning

Care of People with Diabetes is an essential guide to the care and management of people with diabetes mellitus, with particular emphasis on the acute care setting. Written by an experienced clinical nurse specialist with extensive knowledge of evidence-based diabetes care, this fully updated fourth edition serves as
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Neurological Differential Diagnosis - John P. Patten

This unique text fills the gap between shorter texts, containing little explanatory material, and the compendia, for those advanced in the field of neurological disorders. It is written both for novices and for physicians who require an update on the subject. To understand the symptoms and signs requires a sound
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Cells, Gels & the Engines of Life - Gerald H. Pollack, David Olsen

An award-winning book that challenges the current wisdom of how cells work in a visionary, provocative, and accessible way... reads like a detective story. This highly praised book emphasises the role of cell water and the gel-like nature of the cell, building on these features to explore the mechanisms of
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Quick Reference Handbook for Surgical Pathologists - Natasha  PhD  MD Rekhtman, Marina K  PhD  MD Baine, Justin A.  MD Bishop

This book contains a compilation of high-yield, at-a-glance summaries in quick reference format for various topics that are frequently encountered by pathologists in the daily practice or on the boards. The focus is not organ-based histologic criteria, but rather everything else that goes into pathologic diagnoses but
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Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Lawrence Impey, Tim Child

Praise for the previous edition: this textbook is a useful resource for medical students it will provide them with the basic information they need to survive clinics and to pass exams Clear, concise and colourful; perfect for easy learning and revision Times Higher Education Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Impey and
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy - Ilkay Z. Chirali

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy 3e provides a clear and detailed set of practical guidelines for the application of techniques of cupping in the context of TCM theory. Exploring the role of cupping in a variety of clinical contexts - which range from the treatment of children to the effective management
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The Milan System for Reporting Salivary Gland Cytopathology - William C. Faquin, Esther Diana Rossi, Zubair Baloch, Guliz A. Barkan, Maria P. Foschini, Daniel F.I. Kurtycz, Marc Pusztaszeri, Philippe Vielh

This volume describes a uniform international approach for classifying and reporting salivary gland FNA samples. The new reporting system is evidence-based using data from the literature as well as upon the experience of a multi-disciplinary group of leading experts involved in the field of salivary gland