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Nutrition - Rudolf Hauschka, M. Spock, M. T. Richards

Today's understanding of nutrition is based largely on physical, chemical considerations and analysis. Hauschka takes a radically different approach, viewing matter--and food in particular--as having a spiritual aspect. From this holistic perspective he presents a new, practical approach to nutrition. his classic work
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Understanding Trauma - Caroline Garland

Revised edition with additional chapter. This book, from the Tavistock Clinic Series, is about what follows the breakdown in functioning, either short or longer-term, provoked by a traumatic event. The authors offer a psychoanalytical understanding of the meaning of the trauma for an individual, illuminating theory
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Strength Training for Soccer - Bram Swinnen

Strength and power are key elements of soccer performance. A stronger player can sprint faster, jump higher, change direction more quickly and kick the ball harder. Strength Training for Soccer introduces the science of strength training for soccer. Working from a sound evidence-base, it explains how to develop a
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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy - Peter Blake

In this book, Peter Blake articulates his clinical practice of child and adolescent psychotherapy. A clear conceptual framework and historical context is provided for the work. The book is then structured to follow the therapeutic process, from assessment (referral and initial interview, individual assessment,
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Integrative Psychotherapy in Action - Richard G. Erskine, Janet P. Moursund

What is integrative psychotherapy? How effective is the integrative approach to therapy? And what are its limitations? Answering these and other significant questions, this insightful volume provides the working clinician with a practical guide to using an integrative approach to psychotherapy. Erskine and Moursund,
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The Bad Food Bible - Aaron Carroll, Nina Teicholz

Physician and popular New York Times Upshot contributor Aaron Carroll mines the latest evidence to show that many "bad" ingredients actually aren't unhealthy, and in some cases are essential to our well-being. Advice about food can be confusing. There's usually only one thing experts can agree on: some
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The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Donald J. Robertson

Why should modern psychotherapists be interested in philosophy, especially ancient philosophy? Why should philosophers be interested in psychotherapy? There is a sense of mutual attraction between what are today two thoroughly distinct disciplines. However, arguably it was not always the case that they were distinct.
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Life Scripts - Richard G. Erskine

Life Scripts: A Transactional Analysis of Unconscious Relational Patterns is an exciting collection of contemporary writings on Life Script theory and psychotherapeutic methods. Each chapter describes an evolution of Eric Berne's original theory and brings together a stimulating range of international perspectives,
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Being with Older People - Eleanor Anderson, Glenda Fredman, Joshua Stott

The authors of this volume take as their starting point "striking moments" in their practice with older people, their families and other practitioners. They integrate these with current systemic thinking to offer new perspectives on working with older people in a range of physical health, mental health and social care