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Apache delivers even on the difficult and denied claims

Apache Health’s comprehensive solutions ensure that we provide the best cardiology billing service in the industry.

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Apache Health achieves extraordinary results as a cardiology billing company through:

  • Superior information technology
  • Experienced medical billers and coders
  • Automated and optimized processes
  • Higher staffing levels, especially in AR
  • Aggressively pursuing difficult claims and appealing denials

Generating the highest compliant financial returns for our clients:

  • Reduced rejections and denials
  • Reduced compliance risk
  • Faster payment
  • Increased collections


  • Massive coding complexity of vascular, interventional and cardiothoracic surgery.
  • Stents, balloons, angioplasty; all of the implanted device codes which recently completely changed.
  • Diagnostic testing like nuclear, cardiac echo (ultrasound), stress tests, cardiac CT, CT/PET, EKG, Holter monitor, wearable cardiac telemetry devices


Apache Health‘s sophisticated cardiology billing technology reduces errors, speeds payment, and increases collections:

  • Claims scrubbing technology reduces rejections and denials
  • Advanced codescrubbing with a payor rules engine that specifies which codes and modifiers for each payor
  • EMR (electronic medical records) integrated with billing
  • 24x7 online reporting and analytics
  • Prevent denials and aggressively work appeal

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As a result of these capabilities, Apache Health can outperform other cardiology billing companies in financial results. Contact us to receive a free consultation and to learn more about what we can achieve for you.

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