The Apache team can help you attain and sustain your cash flow targets.

Specialty knowledge

a team of more than 300 medical billing professionals

We’ve built a team of more than 300 medical billing professionals who collectively offer exceptional depth of expertise in our specialties. Individually, you won’t find a generalist among them. Every employee selected to partner with your team will have the background necessary to tailor solutions to your needs.

Because challenges differ from one medical specialty to another, we hire and train for comprehensive knowledge of individual specialties. This assures you of access to a dedicated team with a strong background in your requirements, a commitment to staying current with changes in your sector, and proficiency in meeting your objectives.

As a baseline, that means we’ll bring coding expertise to your account from day one, and we’ll be prepared from the outset to seek solutions and put them to work for your business. During our initial review of your existing collections, we’ll seek additional revenue opportunities that have been obscured by prior coding errors. And then we’ll build on that record of pursuing increased revenue by delivering optimal coding accuracy. We’ll take the same approach to addressing prior denials and appeals on claims. Here, again, you’ll be working from the start with professionals who are immersed in your specialty and know different payers’ rules, so there’s no learning curve to impede our performance or your results.

Problem-solving expertise

process improvement that works to your financial advantage

The ability to tackle thorny problems isn’t a factor in our business. Rather, it is the business. That’s a quality that can’t be automated—or faked. We screen candidates for their problem-solving capabilities and support the continued development of that aptitude to assure you of superior service. And we define “superior service” as dogged pursuit of all collections, no matter how challenging.

The result? We position you not only to recoup more money and improve your cash flow, but also to manage the strategies and projections necessary to promote sustained profitability and growth. At the same time, we track industry trends and developments that we can translate into continual process improvement that works to your financial and competitive advantage.


One centralized point of contact for you

The final component of our successful client relationships is communication. We take our partnership with you seriously, and we see our role as helping you to stay up to speed with what’s happening in your business.

Among our core values is the belief that your contacts at our company should know your account inside out and be prepared to take the lead on implementing changes that will work to your benefit. Because of that, you’ll never have to ask yourself how we measure our level of performance or how you can be confident that we’ll deliver on our promises. Because we believe any company that has credible data should be able answer those questions credibly.

That’s why we don’t simply collect and deliver data. We ask you what question you are trying to answer with a report or data and then design it to answer your business questions. We make sure you understand it and can analyze this information to identify and address challenges and opportunities. And we do that daily.

Remember, you need more than a good relationship with medical billing service. You need efficacy in delivering the results on which your business depends. We deliver those results in tandem with a strong relationship.

Email or call us for more information about how we can meet your performance standards—and perhaps even upgrade those expectations to a whole new level.

Our Management Team


Founder and President

Sean brings over two decades of industry experience in healthcare general management, marketing, sales, finance, and information systems.

Prior to Apache Health, Sean was the President of Cobalt Health, a leading national laboratory billing company with over 125 employees. Sean led Cobalt to being the largest toxicology and molecular diagnostics laboratory billing company in the country.

Prior to Cobalt, Sean was a Director at 4medica, a laboratory software firm in Los Angeles developing clinical information systems, especially online ordering and resulting for outreach laboratories. He developed corporate and product strategy, led marketing and communications, managed product development and was responsible for business development.

Prior to 4medica, Sean managed the CT business for Toshiba America Medical Systems, leading it from $100 million to over $250 million per year in revenues. Before Toshiba, Sean held various sales roles for GE Medical Systems, where he received awards for regional and national sales performance.

Sean holds an MBA with honors from the Columbia Graduate School of Business, as well as a bachelor’s degree with honors in electrical engineering from Dartmouth College.

Sean is an avid rock climber, powerlifter, and skier.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and chief process and infrastructure architect

Malcolm brings several decades of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, information technology, strategic planning, project management, and business system implementation expertise.

Prior to Apache Health, Malcolm was the Chief Technology Officer of Cobalt Health where he led the development of its practice management / medical billing software platform. Malcolm managed all information systems design, development, and management, and was also the chief process guru for all medical billing infrastructure. Prior to Cobalt Malcolm was the Vice President and COO of a publicly traded company CanWel.

Malcolm received his BSc in pharmacology from the University of British Columbia and his MBA from Oxford. Malcolm is an avid player of hawkey.

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