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For years, Bryan Doerries has been producing ancient tragedies for current and returned servicemen and women, addicts, tornado and hurricane victims, and a wide range of other at-risk people in society. Here, drawing on these extraordinary firsthand experiences, Doerries clearly and powerfully illustrates the redemptive and therapeutic potential of this classical, timeless art: how, for example, Ajax can help soldiers and their loved ones grapple with PTSD, or how Prometheus Bound provides insights into the modern penal system. Doerries is an original and magnanimous thinker, and The Theatre of War - wholly unsentimental but intensely-felt and emotionally engaging - is a humane, knowledgeable, and accessible book that will inspire and inform readers, showing them that suffering and healing are both part of a timeless process.

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Author: Bryan Doerries
ISBN: 9781925228274
Pages: 304 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 19.73 Mb
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