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Here is a complete history of the use of moxibustion in China from the Han dynasty (200 BCE) through modern times. The author presents practical protocols using many types and styles of moxibustion based on the writings of Yang Jizhou (The Great Compendium of Acupuncture-Moxibustion), Zhang Jiebin (Illustrated Supplement to the Categorized Classic), and Li Shizhen (The Great Pharmacopeia). Readers will find detailed information about the source materials used for this book, along with passages in Chinese in every chapter as relevant. There are general guidelines and techniques for the use of moxibustion as well as special point locations and usages; treatment protocols for a wide range of conditions with case studies from classic sources; discussions of moxibustion, astrology, and divination, and recommendations on how to deal with moxa sores according to the classic literature.

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Author: Lorraine Wilcox
ISBN: 9781891845468
Pages: 284 pages
Format: PDF
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