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Each of us has healthy, constructive and creative tendencies, but unfortunately, we also have their unhealthy, destructive counterparts. These self-defeating tendencies, moreover, are usually powerful and frequent. Ellis shows precisely what our natural constructive inclinations are and how to use them to overcome harmful leanings. See how to: defeat inherited and acquired tendencies to become severely anxious, depressed, enraged, self-hating, and/or self-pitying; change thoughts, feelings, and actions that lead to disturbances in order to make yourself considerably less upset and less self-defeating; persistently and strongly keep using REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) methods until they become automatic and habitual, thereby making yourself less disturbable even when adversities occur in life.

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Author: Albert Ellis
ISBN: 9781886230187
Pages: 224 pages
Format: PDF
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