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Clinical Anatomy of the Face for Filler and Botulinum Toxin Injection - Hee-Jin Kim, Kyle K. Seo, Hong-Ki Lee, Jisoo Kim

This book, containing more than 200 cadaveric photos and 200 illustrations, aims to familiarize physicians practicing botulinum toxin type A (BoT-A) and filler injection with the anatomy of the facial mimetic muscles, vessels, and soft tissues in order to enable them to achieve optimum cosmetic results while avoiding
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Recipes of How Babies Are Made - Carmen Martinez-Jover, Rosemary Martinez

Egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, adoption and natural birth is explained comparing how a cake is made to how a baby is conceived and it clearly explains all these different forms of conception that exist now-a-days. Just looking at the illustration one can easily understand all this