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The Keto Vegetarian - Lydia Miller

This is the Color Edition of the book. 101 tasty, high-fat low-carb recipes for efficient weight loss and more energy! This is the recipe-only version of 'The Keto Vegetarian: 84 Delicious Low-Carb Plant-Based, Egg & Dairy Recipes For A Ketogenic Diet'. You can find other versions under Lydia's author profile. Fire up
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The Low Carb Vegan Cookbook - Eva Hammond

Burn Fat with Delicious, Easy to Prepare Ketogenic Vegan Recipes Part One of the Ketogenic Vegan Series. This is the B&W edition of the book. No complex, strict, or weird diet schemes here... Learn how to prepare easy-to-follow recipes that will help you get the best out of your kitchen with 100% low-carb vegan