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Florence Nightingale - Mark Bostridge

Winner of the Elizabeth Longford prize for Historical Biography Mark Bostridge's Florence Nightingale is a masterful and effortlessly enjoyable biography of one of Britain's most iconic heroines. Whether honoured and admired or criticized and ridiculed, Florence Nightingale has invariably been misrepresented and
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Reiki - Frank Arjava Petter

A great deal has been written and said to date about the history of Reiki and its founder. The author has come across documents that quote Mikao Usui's original words. In a number of essays, he discusses topics related to Reiki and the viewpoints of an independent Reiki teacher. Questions that his students asked and
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Schussler Tissue Salts for Horses - Hans-Heinrich Jörgensen

The correct balance of minerals and salts is vital for a healthy constitution. Schussler tissue salts have been used successfully in people for a long time and they are now available for horses too. This accessible book provides the necessary knowledge for using these popular minerals for horses, both as a treatment