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Tales of Two Species - Patricia B McConnell

How well do you and your dog understand each other? Have you ever caught yourself wondering what your dog is thinking when he rolls in something stinky? Do you wonder how much of your emotional life is like that of your dog's? What about life from your dog's perspective? Join best-selling author and ethologist
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Essential Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - Teri Quatman

Essential Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: An Acquired Art provides an essential, accessible grounding in current psychodynamic theory and practice for a wide range of readers. For trainees, it offers a very useful toolset to help them make the transition from purely theoretical training to the uncharted territory of
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Schroth Therapy - Lehnert-Schroth Christa, Moramarco Marc, Weiss Hans-Rudolf

Currently, there is the highest level of evidence for physiotherapy and bracing for scoliosis. In contrast, evidence for spinal fusion surgery remains questionable. Moreover, recent improvements in bracing now strive to improve curvature rather than merely stopping progression during the pubertal growth spurt.