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The Optimism Bias - Tali Sharot

Psychologists have long been aware that most people maintain an irrationally positive outlook on life--but why? Turns out, we might be hardwired that way. In this absorbing exploration, Tali Sharot--one of the most innovative neuroscientists at work today--demonstrates that optimism may be crucial to human existence.
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The Science of Evil - Simon Baron-Cohen

Borderline personality disorder, autism, narcissism, psychosis, Asperger's: All of these syndromes have one thing in common- lack of empathy. In some cases, this absence can be dangerous, but in others it can simply mean a different way of seeing the world. In The Science of Evil Simon Baron-Cohen, an award-winning
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The Dreamer's Odyssey - Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown

Dreams have always been important to humanity, but in modern times we have lost the ability to understand what our dreams are telling us. In The Dreamer's Odyssey, the author provides a step-by-step guide to help the individual interpret and work through their own dreams. It can also be used by counsellors and other