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The Breakthrough - Charles Graeber

New York Times bestselling author Charles Graeber tells the astonishing story of the group of scientists working on a code that can enable the human immune system to fight - and perhaps even cure - cancer. For decades, scientists have puzzled over one of medicine's greatest mysteries: why doesn't our immune system
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I Contain Multitudes - Ed Yong

SHORTLISTED FOR THE WELLCOME BOOK PRIZE 2017 Your body is teeming with tens of trillions of microbes. It's an entire world, a colony full of life. In other words, you contain multitudes. These microscopic companions sculpt our organs, protect us from diseases, guide our behaviour, and bombard us with their genes. They
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Gut - Giulia Enders, David Shaw

A Sunday Times bestseller - now with revised and expanded content on the exciting new science about the gut-brain link. Our gut is as important as our brain or heart, yet we know very little about how it works and many of us are too embarrassed to ask questions. In Gut, Giulia Enders breaks this taboo, revealing the
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How Healing Works - Dr Wayne Jonas

A radical, evidence-based new vision for healing. Forty-five per cent of adults experience chronic health problems, such as back pain, headaches, fatigue, obesity, diabetes, dementia, and depression. These illnesses rarely respond to conventional medicine alone, progressing in almost all cases. Yet in his almost 40