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Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them) - Sallie Tisdale

We do not know when we will die. We may see it coming from far away, or all at once. But I will die and you will die. You believe that, don't you? You get ready to die the way you get ready for a trip. Start by realizing you don't know the way. Study the language, look at maps, pack your bags. Let yourself imagine
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Sensation and Perception - Jeremy Wolfe, Keith Kluender, Dennis Levi, Linda Bartoshuk, Rachel Herz, Roberta Klatzy, Susan Lederman, Daniel Merfeld

Why does the sky look blue? Why does sugar taste sweet? Fully revised and updated, this introductory, full-colour text is written by experts in each of the five senses who convey the excitement of the field to students, providing comprehensive descriptions of the science behind vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
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NOLS Wilderness Medicine - Tod Schimelpfenig, Joan Safford

"One of the finest first aid books I've seen."--Mel Otten, M.D., Wilderness Medical Society New chapters on judgment and decision-making and mental health First-aid topics--patient assessment, shock, soft tissue injury, burns, fractures and dislocations, and chest, head, and abdominal injury How to handle