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Interpersonal Relationships - Elizabeth C. Arnold, Kathleen Underman Boggs

Effective communication with clients, families, and professional colleagues starts here! With Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses, 7th Edition, you'll see how good communication skills can lead to achieving treatment goals in health care. Clear guidelines show how you can enhance
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The Person-Centred Counselling Primer - Pete Sanders

The new "Counselling Primer" series from PCCS Books, supplementary to the bestselling "Steps in Counselling" series, is suitable for beginners and higher level students who want a succinct boost to their knowledge of a particular area. "Counselling Primers" bridges the gap between introductory, intermediate and
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The Elements of Murder - John Emsley

This book is about elements that kill. Mercury, arsenic, antimony, lead, and thallium can be lethal, as many a poisoner knew too well. Emsley explores the gruesome history of these elements and those who have succumbed to them in a fascinating narrative that weaves together stories of true crime, enduring historical