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Down There - Susun S. Weed

What would your private parts say if they could speak? The pelvic floor, bladder, prostate, cervix, clitoris, uterus, ovaries, and lots of other pelvic parts have their say in Susun Weed's new book Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way. Susun Weed, the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, has
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Tao of Nutrition - Maoshing Ni

The Tao of Nutrition provides information on making every meal therapeutic, teaching you how to make appropriate food choices for your ailments, your constitution, and the season of the year. This ancient knowledge from China provides guidance for the seasoned practitioner, as well as the new student of healthy
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More Attention, Less Deficit - Ari Tuckman

This is the only book on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) written in a structure that caters to the tendency for adults with ADHD to jump around. This essential guidebook begins by describing how the ADHD brain processes information and how that leads to typical challenges that people with ADHD
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Survival Tips for Women With Ad/hd - Terry Matlen

Women with AD/HD tormented by the daily chores and decisions needed to survive in a world of linear thinking will find solace in this self-help guide. Offering a collection of practical solutions to seemingly simple daily problems, this book will help to relieve the guilt and anxiety so many women have when they feel
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How to Fail as a Therapist, 2nd Edition - Bernard Schwartz, John V. Flowers

From the Foreword, by Arnold Lazarus, PhD, ABPP: "I shudder when I think... when I, as a newly minted PhD in clinical psychology, was certified as competent and qualified... it is not farfetched to say I knew next to nothing..." "Newly minted" therapists aren't alone in making mistakes, of course; even seasoned
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Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies - Leon Hammer, Ted Kaptchuk

Behind the acupuncture, herbal remedies and sophisticated diagnostics of Chinese medicine lies a "congenial system of healing that embodies unification of body and mind, spirit and matter, nature and man, philosophy and reality." In this comprehensive and ground-breaking presentation, based on long experience as
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How To Make Yourself Happy - Albert Ellis

Each of us has healthy, constructive and creative tendencies, but unfortunately, we also have their unhealthy, destructive counterparts. These self-defeating tendencies, moreover, are usually powerful and frequent. Ellis shows precisely what our natural constructive inclinations are and how to use them to overcome
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Autism Aspergers: Solving the Relationship Puzzle - Steven E. Gutstein

A practicing psychologist offers a new approach to developing social skills and relationships in children diagnosed with autism or Asperger's Syndrome. Dr. Gutstein describes ways to steer these children onto a bright new path of self-discovery and social awareness, one that will ultimately bring them home to