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Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship - W.Robert Nay

Has your relationship become a battlefield? Does your partner's sarcasm, irritability, or hostility make you wonder where the closeness and trust have gone-and how much more you can take? If anger is poisoning your relationship, this book offers a powerful antidote. Anger expert W. Robert Nay provides clear-cut,
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Treating Bipolar Disorder - Ellen Frank

This innovative manual presents a powerful approach for helping people manage bipolar illness and protect against the recurrence of manic or depressive episodes. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy focuses on stabilizing moods by improving medication adherence, building coping skills and relationship satisfaction,
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The Language of Winnicott - Jan Abram

The author's lexicon - The Language of Winnicott - has proved to be the definitive comprehensive guide to Winnicott's thought since it was first published in 1996, Winnicott's centenary Year. The twenty-two entries represent the major conceptualisations in Winnicott's theories and take the reader on a journey through