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Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy - Patricia C. Della Selva

Traditionally, psychoanalytic treatment has been a lengthy endeavour, requiring a long-term commitment from patient and analyst, as well as vast financial resources. More recently, short-term approaches to psychoanalytic treatment have proliferated. One of the most well-known and thoroughly studied is the
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The Motherhood Constellation - Daniel N. Stern

This book explores the nature of parent-infant psychotherapies, therapies that are a major segment of the rapidly growing, sprawling field of infant mental health. It examines the different elements that make up the parent-infant clinical system.
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Strong At The Broken Places - Linda T. Sanford

In this moving and authoritative work which combines dedicated research and interviews with victims of childhood abuse and neglect, psychotherapist Linda Sanford passionately refutes the received wisdom that such people are trapped in a vicious circle of abuse and will probably become perpetrators of violence