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So You Want to be a Vet - Neil Paton

The publication of the James Herriot books led to an upsurge in interest in the veterinary profession among the public and inspired many to study veterinary medicine. However, the veterinary profession has changed markedly since those Herriot days, with many more opportunities for people entering the veterinary field,
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The Rejuvenation Enzyme - MD Hiromi Shinya

Dr Hiromi Shinya introduces a remarkable enzyme and describes how this enzyme effects health and longevity. Included is a full Rejuvenation Weekend plan for switching on your miracle enzyme to reverse the damage done by zombie cells and revitalize your health.
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Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder - Elizabeth F. Howell

Building on the comprehensive theoretical model of dissociation elegantly developed in The Dissociative Mind, Elizabeth Howell makes another invaluable contribution to the clinical understanding of dissociative states with Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder. Howell, working within the realm of
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Fixing You: Hip & Knee Pain - Rick Olderman

Hip and knee pain often result from poor movement habits, which then create excessive stress to tissues such as bone, ligament, and tendons. Fixing You: Hip & Knee Pain is an easy-to-read guide, teaching the reader how their hips and knees should work and why problems occur when they don't. Fixing You: Hip & Knee Pain
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Fixing You: Neck Pain and Headaches - Rick Olderman

Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches is an easy-to-use self-help guidebook to fixing just about every type of neck pain. This is because, no matter what the diagnosis, painful issues of the neck have the same root causes; that of poor neck function and poor shoulder function. These root problems can be easily corrected
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Flavor Without Fodmaps Cookbook - Patsy Catsos MS Rdn LD

Would it make life easier to have a cookbook laser-focused on your low-FODMAP diet, with recipes you don't even have to think about? If you are using the FODMAP approach to manage your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this cookbook is the one! You can enjoy the recipes in this collection with no modification, no
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Trauma Competency - Linda A Curran

This is a book for clinicians. More specifically, it is a book for clinicians to use with their clients affected by trauma's sequelae. Unique in its approach, author Linda Curran not only defines the explains the current trauma paradigm-relevant, theories and current neuroscience, but step-by-step demonstrates its
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Cure Gum Disease Naturally - Ramiel Nagel, Dds Alvin Danenberg

Free yourself from the downward spiral of scaling, root planing, gum grafts, flap surgery, chemicals, and the inevitable extractions and implants and cure gum disease (periodontitis) naturally. Ramiel Nagel's bestselling guide, Cure Tooth Decay, has inspired tens of thousands of readers to discover hidden and
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Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel, D.D.S. Timothy Gallagher

Forget about drilling, filling, and the inevitable billing. Your teeth can heal naturally because they were never designed to decay in the first place! They were designed to remain strong and healthy for your entire life. But the false promises of conventional dentistry have led us down the wrong path, leading to
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Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self & Affect Dysregulation and Disorders of the Self Two-Book Set - Allan N. Schore

In 1994 Allan Schore published his groundbreaking book, Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self, in which he integrated a large number of experimental and clinical studies from both the psychological and biological disciplines in order to construct an overarching model of social and emotional development. Since