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Edgar Cayce Home Medicine Guide - Edgar Cayce

Contains information on many of the medicines, products, oils, and formulas given in the Edgar Cayce readings. More than 100 remedies are arranged in alphabetical order with information about their ingredients, when and how to use them, and availability. Extensively indexed by ailment and remedy for easy reference.
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Heal Your Knees - Robert L. Klapper, Lynda Huey

Put an end to knee pain! An esteemed orthopedic surgeon and a water-therapy expert team up to tell you the essentials about your knees, get them back into shape, and prevent future pain and injury. Through careful explanation, they examine each part of the healing process--from basic function to long-term
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Control of Communicable Diseases Manual - Ed.  David L Heymann

Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 20th Edition, is the must have resource for anyone in the field of public health. Every chapter has been reworked and new chapters have been added. The 20th Edition is a timely update to a milestone reference work, ensuring the Manual's relevance and usefulness to every public
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The Healer's Manual - Ted Andrews

Noted healer and author Ted Andrews reveals how unbalanced or blocked emotions, attitudes, and thoughts deplete our natural physical energies and make us more susceptible to illness. The Healer's Manual shows specific techniques--involving color, sound, fragrance, herbs, and gemstones--to restore the natural flow of
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The Healing Wisdom of Africa - Malidoma Patrice Some

Through The Healing Wisdom of Africa, readers can come to understand that the life of indigenous and traditional people is a paradigm for an intimate relationship with the natural world that both surrounds us and is within us. The book is the most complete study of the role ritual plays in the lives of African
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A Woman's Best Medicine - Nancy Lonsdorf, Etc.

In A Woman's Best Medicine, two physicians and a research psychologist trained in Maharishi Ayur-Veda medicine apply this ancient wisdom to women's health concerns. Among other topics they discuss are: the benefits of the menstrual cycle; practical ways to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause; the
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Inner Child Workbook - Cathryn L. Taylor

Recovery therapist Cathryn Taylor offers a step-by-step guide to reparenting the children within and healing their shame, anger, and feelings of abandonment. Using written and verbal exercises, guided imagery, journaling, drawing, mirror work, and rituals, you can change your experience of the past. For each of the
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Spiritual Emergency - Stanislav Grof M D

From Spiritual Emergency to Healing and Rebirth Increasing numbers of people involved in personal transformation are experiencing spiritual emergencies -- crises when the process of growth and change becomes chaotic and overwhelming. Individuals experiencing such episodes may feel that their sense of identity is