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The Therapeutic Use of Self - Val Wosket

The Therapeutic Use of Self has continued, since its publication in 1999, to be considered a key text within integrative, humanistic and relational approaches for the training and development of therapists in the UK and abroad. This long-awaited classic edition includes powerful case examples and extensive research
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Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction - Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett

Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction has been specially written for the thousands of students who complete the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety each year. Fully revised in alignment with the April 2015 syllabus, the fifth edition provides students with all they need to tackle
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Further Learning from the Patient - Patrick Casement

In Further Learning from the Patient, Patrick Casement stresses the value of `internal supervision' which monitors clinical work from the patient's point of view as well as the therapist's. This follow-up book to On Learning from the Patient shows that this process can teach the therapist important new things,
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Multifidus Back Pain Solution - Jim Johnson

New research suggests that most back pain is caused by underdeveloped multifidus muscles, those that connect the spinal vertebrae and are crucial in bending the back. This book presents exercises to strengthen the multifidus group. Simple explanations and black-and-white drawings throughout show readers how to work
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Semantic Polarities and Psychopathologies in the Family - Valeria Ugazio

The gap between psychotherapeutic practice and clinical theory is ever widening. Therapists still don't know what role interpersonal relations play in the development of the most common psychopathologies. Valeria Ugazio bridges this gap by examining phobias, obsessive-compulsions, eating disorders, and depression in
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Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare - Gill Harvey, Alison Kitson

The successful implementation of evidence into practice is dependent on aligning the available evidence to the particular context through the active ingredient of facilitation. Designed to support the widely recognised PARIHS framework, which works as a guide to plan, action and evaluate the implementation of evidence
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An Introduction to the Therapeutic Frame - Anne Gray

Designed for psychotherapists and counsellors in training, An Introduction to the Therapeutic Frame clarifies the concept of the frame - the way of working set out in the first meeting between therapist and client. This Classic Edition of the book includes a brand new introduction by the author. Anne Gray, an
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The Adult ADHD Tool Kit - J. Russell Ramsay, Anthony L. Rostain

A central source of frustration for most adults with ADHD is that they know what they need to do but they have difficulties turning their intentions into actions. These difficulties also interfere with their ability to use self-help books and to get the most out of psychosocial treatments that provide coping