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The Family Guide to Homeopathy - Andrew Lockie

A Safe, Natural, and Effective Alternative Medicine Millions of people, including health professionals, are mining to homeopathy, a form of medicine that treats illness by stimulating the body's natural defenses. Dr. Lockie explains how homeopathy can help restore health, rather than simply fight disease. This family
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After the Affair - Janis Abrahms Spring

There is nothing quite like the pain and shock caused when a partner has been unfaithful. The hurt partner often experiences a profound loss of self-respect and falls into a depression that can last for years. For the relationship, infidelity is often a death blow. "After the Affair" is the first book to help readers
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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Handbook - Patricia Bowyer, Susan M. Cahill

Combining essential assessment guidance with the latest evidence-based intervention strategies, this compact reference helps you quickly locate the information you need to evaluate and manage pediatric disorders. Access diagnosis-specific information on epidemiology, precautions, and more, as well as suggested
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Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership - Ann Marriner-Tomey

The 8th edition of this popular text has been completely revised and updated to include the latest strategies for improving your nursing leadership and management skills. It offers in-depth coverage and practical management strategies for a wide range of workplace issues such as delegation, diversity, evidence-based
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Ophthobook - Timothy Root

OphthoBook is the printed version of the amazing OphthoBook.com online book and video series. The combination of this text, along with the online video lectures, creates the most informative and easy-to-understand ophthalmology review ever written. It is geared toward medical students, optometry students, and
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Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation - Glen Gillen

Reflecting current practice with a renewed focus on function-based assessments and evidence-based interventions, Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation: Optimizing Function includes all of the tools you need to make a positive impact on your patients' lives. This clinical resource summarizes, highlights, and
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Mosby's Pocket Guide to Pediatric Assessment - Joyce Engel

Mosby's Pocket Guide to Pediatric Assessment offers a concise but comprehensive approach to health assessment for the pediatric client. It begins with a general description of history taking and includes approaches to children at various ages, nutritional assessment, and measurement and evaluation of vital signs.
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Contemporary Implant Dentistry - Carl E. Misch

Turn to this new third edition for consistent outcomes on even your most complex implant cases! World-renowned dental implantologist Carl E. Misch gives you expert advice and guidance on the various surgical approaches to placing implants in the revision of his best-selling classic. Over 1,000 full-color illustrations
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Our Psychiatric Future - Nikolas Rose

Our everyday lives are increasingly intertwined with psychiatry and discussions of mental health. Yet the dominant medical discipline of psychiatry remains surrounded by controversy. Is mental distress really an illness like any other, treatable by drugs? Can psychiatrists differentiate between mental disorders normal
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Oncology Nursing - Martha Langhorne, Janet Fulton, Shirley E. Otto

This classic text offers a comprehensive, yet concise and manageable overview of oncology nursing. This edition expands on the previous edition by pulling out the symptom management subjects into their own unit. Also includes over 400 multiple-choice review questions for each chapter case study to promote effective