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Your medical billing doesn’t need automation, it needs an accelerated payments solution. We launched Apache Health’s medical billing service with one mission: to get more money for our clients faster. We brought together the highest caliber of medical billing technology, infrastructure, process, and people to serve that mission.

That’s easy to say. What sets us apart is our ability to prove it by measuring and documenting the medical billing results we achieve for you. Results you can quantify not just in how we eliminate human error and increase billing accuracy, but in how we:

  • Increase collections
  • Reduce AR days

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Apache Performance

Quantify performance of our billing results.

Yes, we really can create a customized strategy for using our technology to pursue those goals. We’ll share our game plan so you know how to gauge our success in fulfilling our promises. We’ll provide credible, verifiable data that allows you to see and measure our ongoing progress in hitting those targets.

And then we’ll take service a step further by being available for consultations to assist in reviewing and assessing that data. We’re committed to providing a level of value that supports your ability to integrate collections into your strategies for cash management and profitability. Count on us as partners in that process.

We can increase your ability to integrate collections into your strategies for cash management and profitability.

Apache Accuracy

We understand the challenges you face.

We don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be to manage medical billing with insurance companies. The coding. The unpaid claims. The constantly changing rules and regulations. Everything seems designed to maximize the chances that your claim will be rejected or denied.

You didn’t enter the medical field to provide insurance companies with a continual supply of interest-free loans. But that’s exactly what you end up doing when you sacrifice your cash position to support insurers’ liquidity.

Our billing system ensures greater accuracy in keeping current with coding nuances and updates, following payer reimbursement policies, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Thorny Problems?

Meet our tenacious apache team.

And then our people—some of the most creative and persistent problem-solvers in the business—come in where the technology leaves off. Their specialty-specific expertise, attention to detail, and precision in execution enable us to pursue payments successfully.

We’re your allies and advocates in fighting insurance company denials. Not just the easy wins. Each member of our team has specialized medical billing knowledge and a tireless devotion to working through the toughest billing concerns. Count on us to identify opportunities to prevent problems that can lead to rejections or denials. So no matter what new ways insurance companies devise to block payments, you’ll be prepared to clear those new hurdles.

Like you, we rely on sophisticated diagnostic techniques. These can reveal new strategies for eliminating obstacles before they arise and achieving continuous incremental improvements in AR cycle times. To deliver that level of performance, we’re always monitoring the whole solution and looking for ways to enhance it.

We rely on sophisticated diagnostic techniques that can reveal new strategies for eliminating obstacles before they arise.

Apache Technology

This isn’t a plug and play solution.

We’re not selling technology that you install so you don’t have to think about accounts receivable and claims payments anymore. Frankly, any vendor that markets an automated medical billing platform on that basis is setting you up for disappointment at best and failure at worst.

Technology empowers you to increase efficacy in receivables processing. But it doesn’t enable you to offload the task. To realize its profit potential, you need a trusted partner that will work with you to address and resolve immediate and long-term challenges. As in patient care, it’s not enough to treat symptoms. We identify the root causes of billing issues and create a system for ensuring that they don’t recur.

That takes a capacity for thinking beyond the easy answers and a determination to reinvent medical billing as a strategic component of your business. Our team members are smart, detail-oriented, dedicated, and ready to collaborate with you. Together, we can develop a productive, profitable, and sustainable approach to getting more of your money faster.

Apache Billing Expertise

Your ultimate medical billing specialist.

Think we sound awfully confident? We are: confident that as your partners, we can help you attain and sustain your cash flow targets and optimize your preparation for continued expansion and growth. Visit the Process page for information about our methodology, or call or email us to learn more about how we can serve your needs. You can also click on one of the links below to find out more about our specialty billing expertise:

We can help you attain and sustain your cash flow targets.

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